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Recycled spare parts | Utilisation and disposal

Recycling - Utilisation and disposal

Car recycling not only means recycled spare parts.

Large quantities of valuable resources can be found in vehicles, such as iron, copper, aluminium and lots more. A significant part of car recycling consists in recovering these. The shredding works are responsible for that. Prior to that, the vehicles need to be drained at the VASSO works, and have problematic substances removed. That means oils, fuels, brake fluid, coolants and anti-freeze, but also tyres and batteries, are removed and disposed of professionally. These substances are handed over to businesses licensed for that purpose, as stipulated by law. For many of these substances that are hazardous to waters, disposal fees need to be paid.

With their well-trained staff and the high standards of their workshops, the VASSO members guarantee that such work will be carried out both to the fullest satisfaction of customers and cost-effectively. Only accredited businesses can guarantee high environmental protection standards!