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Certification – We invest in the environment

Quality work is rewarded with a seal of approval: RecyCarCert (RCC)

In collaboration with industry specialists, VASSO has designed a three-stage certification model for auto parts recycling businesses. Certification in accordance with the RCC vouches for quality work at a high level in regard to environmental protection, technology and business management considerations.

The following three seals of approval can be achieved:

RecyCarCert – This certification fulfils all the requirements of the EGARA standard (the standard of the European Group of Automotive Recycling Associations), as well as complying with Swiss legislation. In particular, all cantonal and Federal Swiss environmental protection regulations are adhered to. EKAS - the Swiss Co-ordination Commission for Safety at Work - is an integral component. The monitoring and audit are carried out by third parties.

RecyCarCert plus – This certification additionally substantially complies with the specifications of the ISO standards. The monitoring and audit are carried out by third parties.

RecyCarCert ISO – This certification also meets all the requirements of the ISO standards, and is accordingly monitored and audited by ISO-accredited third parties.

The RCC, RCC plus and RCC ISO seals of approval may be used on all business documentation, in agreements and in advertising.